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Which bed to choose for the bedroom?

The bed is one of the most important furniture in the house. We spend a lot of time in it. That’s why it’s worth spending enough time choosing it. You need to pay attention to the dimensions, material, frame and of course the mattress. Not without significance is also the style in which it was made. After all, it has to work well with other furniture and accessories.

Dimensions of the bed

The beds are available in several different dimensions. Let’s start with single beds. They usually come in the following sizes: 80×200 cm, 90×200 cm, 100×200 cm and 120×200 cm. Double beds can be purchased in sizes: 140×200 cm, 160×200 cm, 180×200 cm. When it comes to double beds, the most popular are those with the size of 160×200 cm. As far as single beds are concerned, the most popular ones are those with dimensions of 90×200 cm. Cheap beds with a length of 200 cm will be comfortable for people with a maximum height of about 180 cm. If we are taller, it may be worth to try a bed made to special order.


The next important step is to choose the material of which the bed frame is made. This is what determines its durability and strength. Of course, it is best to choose a bed made entirely of wood. Oak (it is known that oak is very resistant to damage), beech and pine are particularly recommended. The latter will be good for allergy sufferers. Not everyone knows that they have electrostatic properties that inhibit the spinning of dust in the room they are in. You can also buy a bed made of MDF. If the board is of good quality, the bed can also be durable. Many people opt for upholstered beds whose frames are covered with natural leather, artificial leather or fabric.


Nowadays, the beds in furniture stores dublin are a choice of colours. What we choose will also depend on the style that will reign in our bedroom. For a colonial-style interior, a heavy bed in a dark colour will be ideal, while in a retro bedroom, an old-style piece of furniture with a richly decorated frame will do well. For interiors decorated in Scandinavian, minimalist or Japanese style, small, low beds without headaches will be ideal.